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Today: Jun 12, 2024

ABiT and UnaBiz unite for IoT innovation in Smart Cities.

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  • ABiT partners with UnaBiz to enhance IoT technology offerings in smart cities and logistics sectors.
  • The partnership aims to develop Sigfox-ready solutions to address industry challenges in Japan and beyond.

ABiT Corporation has announced a strategic partnership with UnaBiz, a Massive IoT service provider, to strengthen their technological solutions in the smart cities and logistics sectors. The collaboration will focus on developing Sigfox versions of IoT devices and solutions to tackle the existing challenges faced by these industries. UnaBiz’s research and development team will provide expert engineering support and essential documentation to ensure a smooth transition and adaptation of devices.

The new line of Sigfox-ready solutions is slated for launch in Q4 2024, with a joint effort in sales and marketing to reach markets within and beyond Japan. Existing customers of both ABiT and UnaBiz will have priority access to these new solutions that align with their technical requirements. UnaBiz will also promote ABiT’s high-quality IoT solutions to its network of 0G Operators in over 70 countries globally, expanding the adoption of market-defining Sigfox-enabled products.

ABiT CEO, Takeo Hiyama, expressed excitement about the partnership’s synergistic capabilities, highlighting UnaBiz’s expertise in Sigfox 0G Technology and ABiT’s proficiency in developing IoT solutions on various LPWAN technologies. This collaboration aims to bring Sigfox-enabled devices to the market and promote them within their growing ecosystem of partners and customers.

UnaBiz Group CTO, Alexis Susset, emphasized the market potential for single-SKU, multi-mode solutions through this partnership, leveraging UnaBiz’s Sigfox 0G Technology and ABiT’s LPWAN Products & Solutions. The collaboration also extends to designing innovative solutions for government IoT use-cases, focusing on secure and localized implementations for the public sector. Together, they aim to accelerate their go-to-market strategy in Japan and globally.