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Today: Jun 12, 2024

Introducing RECCO: Hidden search and rescue tech in your clothing.

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Summary of RECCO Article


  • RECCO technology is a passive transponder embedded in clothing and gear.
  • RECCO can be used in search and rescue efforts in the event of avalanches.

RECCO is a search and rescue technology developed in the late ’70s in Sweden and is now being used in Winter Park Resort and Grand County Search and Rescue. The technology consists of lightweight passive reflectors that require no power to function and can be integrated into various outdoor gear and clothing. RECCO has partnered with 150 outdoor brands to embed their reflectors into their products. The reflectors can be detected using handheld detectors within a range of up to 80 meters in the air and 20 meters through packed snow, aiding in search and rescue missions in avalanche debris.

Grand County Search and Rescue and Winter Park Ski Patrol utilize RECCO detectors in their search and rescue missions. The technology works alongside other tools such as drones, GPS, and avalanche dogs to locate buried victims in avalanches. RECCO has also developed a helicopter detector that can cover large areas quickly. It is crucial for outdoor enthusiasts to carry proper avalanche safety equipment, including transceivers, shovels, and probes, in addition to having RECCO reflectors embedded in their gear for added search and rescue support.

Overall, RECCO technology continues to evolve to provide year-round search and rescue capabilities and is an essential tool for outdoor recreationists to enhance their safety in the backcountry.