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Today: Jun 12, 2024

Thriving Music Tech program stands out in declining university numbers.

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  • The music technology program at Temple University has seen a surge in enrollment and transfers despite a decline in overall university enrollment.
  • The program expanded by 50 percent in the Fall semester with the establishment of a new facility within Presser Hall.

The Temple University music technology program has experienced growth and success amidst a decline in university enrollment. Since its official debut in 2017 for undergraduates and later for graduate students in 2020, the program has offered a wide range of music technology education, incorporating fields like computer science, film, and music education. The program has maintained steady enrollment numbers, with a diverse student body, including many international applicants. The recent expansion of the program by 50 percent has allowed for more opportunities for students to engage with various disciplines within music technology. Students in the program have the option to choose between tracks focusing on computer science or an interdisciplinary approach, both providing a solid foundation in classes like music theory and history. The program aims to prepare students for diverse careers in audio engineering, composing for various media, sound art creation, and performing using new technologies. Students are encouraged to work on both existing media projects and original works, with opportunities for tool development and specialization in their chosen career paths. The interdisciplinary environment fosters collaboration and learning among students, culminating in a final project that showcases their skills and knowledge acquired throughout the program.