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Today: Jun 12, 2024

Revolutionary network monitoring powered by eBPF from Rakuten Symphony.

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  • Rakuten Symphony launches innovative network monitoring solution powered by eBPF technology
  • eBPF revolutionizes network management, performance monitoring, and automation

Rakuten Symphony has introduced a groundbreaking network monitoring solution powered by eBPF technology, setting a new standard in the industry. The successful implementation of eBPF within the virtualized radio access network of Rakuten Mobile showcases a major advancement in performance monitoring solutions. By seamlessly integrating eBPF into its Observability Framework, Rakuten Symphony enhances performance monitoring, event tracking, and anomaly detection across all network domains, driving near-real-time lifecycle automation and orchestration actions.

Traditional transport-network-layer monitoring systems have long faced challenges such as high costs, limited interoperability, and inadequate protocol support. Rakuten Symphony’s application of eBPF technology marks a significant departure from these constraints, ushering in a new era of agile, efficient, and intelligent network infrastructure management. The eBPF solution allows for performance monitoring across all network domains, active testing on various devices, and AI/ML-driven automation for anomaly detection and bottleneck prediction.

Practical tests conducted on Cisco routers have validated the implementation of eBPF for performance monitoring at the transport network layer, offering valuable insights into the network’s robustness during stress periods. Additionally, eBPF agents deployed across the radio access network infrastructure further demonstrate the effectiveness of eBPF across different network segments while imposing minimal additional load on the CPU.

Rakuten Symphony’s successful application of eBPF technology within the Rakuten Mobile network infrastructure signifies a commitment to driving a smarter, more connected future. The eBPF solution is poised to transform network monitoring by offering a cost-effective and user-friendly alternative to traditional systems. In addition to network performance tracing, Rakuten Symphony is developing solutions for monitoring and optimizing network resource utilization, real-time threat detection and response, and runtime security enhancements through AI/ML integration.