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Today: Jun 12, 2024

Tech world’s newest executives on the move, stay in the loop

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  • Dr Philipp Herzig appointed as Chief AI Officer at SAP
  • Tom Cozzolino named Chief Strategy Officer US at GFT

Technology Magazine highlights the latest executive moves in the world of technology, showcasing key appointments and departures that drive innovation and business success. Dr Philipp Herzig has been appointed as the Chief AI Officer at SAP, leading a new division focused on business AI. Tom Cozzolino has joined GFT as US Chief Strategy Officer, bringing a focus on expanding digital and cloud-based offerings.

Other notable moves include Ray Kok becoming CEO at Mendix, Brian Goldfarb as Chief Marketing Officer at SolarWinds, Richard C Puccio, Jr as EVP CFO at Analog Devices, and Pradeep Kumar as SVP of Services and Customer Success at UiPath.

The Latest Executive Moves in the World of Technology

Technology Magazine highlights the latest executive appointments and departures shaping the technology industry.

In a significant move, Dr Philipp Herzig transitions from SVP Head of Cross Product Engineering at SAP to the newly created role of Chief AI Officer (CAIO). Leading a new end-to-end growth area focused on AI, Herzig’s team aims to infuse artificial intelligence into every part of SAP’s portfolio, accelerating customer benefits from business AI solutions.

Tom Cozzolino’s appointment as US Chief Strategy Officer at GFT signifies a focus on scaling growth through innovation and digital expansion. Ray Kok, Brian Goldfarb, Richard C Puccio, Jr, and Pradeep Kumar also join key positions at Mendix, SolarWinds, Analog Devices, and UiPath respectively.