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Today: Jun 12, 2024

UBBA helps utility industry seize tech advancements and new opportunities.

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  • The Utility Broadband Alliance (UBBA) is helping the utility industry capitalize on technology advancements and opportunities
  • Secure and resilient connectivity is crucial in the evolution of the industry

The Utility Broadband Alliance (UBBA) is at the forefront of the rapid transformation of the utility industry, focusing on artificial intelligence, sustainable energy, and electric vehicles. UBBA emphasizes the importance of secure and resilient connectivity, particularly through private LTE networks, to mitigate cybersecurity threats. The organization, led by Michael Rosenthal, is dedicated to reinforcing networks crucial to the industry’s integrity and collaborating with utilities and technology providers to drive innovation and security.

Bobbi Harris, the Executive Director at UBBA, highlights the mission of the alliance to guide the industry towards ambitious goals. UBBA aims to address the industry’s need for private LTE networks and facilitate collaboration between utilities and technology providers. The organization’s presence at events like DISTRIBUTECH raises awareness and showcases the industry’s evolution and opportunities.

The industry’s focus on connectivity and security in utility infrastructure is paramount, as utilities leverage their existing infrastructure for broader societal benefits. Connectivity, spectrum availability, and cybersecurity are key considerations for utilities, as they play a critical role in national security and grid modernization. UBBA’s mission to advance private LTE networks highlights the importance of secure, resilient, and private ownership of networks for the industry’s future success.