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Today: Jun 12, 2024

State governments regulate AI in 2024 – stay updated

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  • State governments in the United States are moving to regulate AI in 2024
  • No state has passed a comprehensive AI law yet, but that may change this year

Across the United States, state leaders are swiftly introducing legislation and taking executive actions concerning artificial intelligence (AI). While there is currently limited AI-specific legislation in place, the year 2024 could see significant changes in this area. WilmerHale attorneys are closely monitoring and advising clients on the latest state-level AI regulations.

In the absence of comprehensive AI laws, various states are actively addressing the regulation of AI through legislative and executive measures. This rapid pace of state-level activity indicates a growing awareness of the need for AI regulation and oversight.

Although the landscape of AI regulation remains largely undeveloped, with few specific laws in place, 2024 could mark a turning point as states across the country seek to address the ethical, legal, and practical implications of AI technology.

As state governments navigate the complex challenges of regulating AI, businesses and individuals operating in the technology sector must stay informed about the evolving state-level regulations in order to comply with new requirements and standards.

In conclusion, the push for state-level AI regulation in 2024 reflects a broader trend towards increased scrutiny and oversight of emerging technologies, highlighting the importance of staying up-to-date on the rapidly changing legal landscape surrounding AI.