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Today: Jun 12, 2024

North Texas tech company sells Tronic for $12B in deal.

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  • JBB Advanced Technologies sells Tronic to Tronic Ventures in a $12.25 billion deal.
  • Tronic leverages Web3 technology to create immersive online experiences.

Carrollton-based JBB Advanced Technologies has announced the sale of its subsidiary, Tronic, to Tronic Ventures in a deal valued at $12.25 billion. Tronic specializes in developing technology to enhance Web3 gamification, creating personalized online interactive scenarios for various industries. John B. Billingsley, CEO of JBB Advanced Technologies, and Christina Marshall, owner of Tronic Ventures, are confident in Tronic’s potential for growth in the digital marketing space. The deal comes after Billingsley’s successful sale of Tri Global Energy for $270 million in 2022.

Utilizing Web3 distributed ledger technology, AI optimization, and blockchain tech, Tronic aims to revolutionize the online engagement and loyalty sectors, catering to industries such as education, entertainment, and retail. Marshall highlights the global impact of Web3 and its potential for widespread applications. JBB Advanced Technologies focuses on innovation at the intersection of blockchain, AI, and clean energy, aiming to reshape industries sustainably.

The deal signifies a significant move in the digital marketing space, highlighting the importance of immersive online experiences and personalization in engaging audiences. With the growth of Web3 technology, businesses are adapting to create meaningful connections and enhancing online environments.