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Today: Jun 12, 2024

Vermont schools now offer telehealth for students’ healthcare needs.

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Orleans Southwest Supervisory Union in Vermont is implementing telehealth in school nurses’ offices to help students access primary care due to transportation issues and provider shortages. The program will allow for minor ailments, annual checkups, and prescriptions via video consultations with medical providers.

Technology is revolutionizing healthcare access for students in rural Vermont as the Orleans Southwest Supervisory Union introduces telehealth services in school nurses’ offices. The program aims to address challenges such as transportation issues and a shortage of healthcare providers in the area.

The telehealth equipment, secured through grants, allows for video consultations with medical providers for minor ailments, annual checkups, and prescriptions for conditions like strep throat and ear infections. The equipment includes attachments for listening to the heart and examining the ears, mouth, and nose, providing essential services for students who face difficulties accessing traditional healthcare.

While the equipment is ready for implementation on the school’s end, efforts are still underway to partner with regional medical clinics to ensure seamless access to healthcare services for all students. Once launched, the telehealth program will be available in all schools within the union and will be open to every student.

By leveraging telehealth technology, Orleans Southwest Supervisory Union is bridging the gap in healthcare access for students, showcasing a proactive approach to addressing healthcare disparities in rural communities.