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Today: Jun 12, 2024

AI: The end of music as we know it?

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  • Technology has changed the way artists make music over the past century
  • AI, spatial sound, and sound-scaping are exciting tech developments in the music industry

The article explores the impact of technology on new music artists. Niall Doorley, founder of the Future Music Forum in Barcelona, discusses how technology is both helping and hindering artists. He highlights the positive impact of AI in music production and spatial sound technologies like Dolby Atmos. However, he also raises concerns about deepfake technology and streaming fraud affecting artists’ revenue. Doorley emphasizes the importance of artists managing their rights in the digital age.

He also touches on the role of streaming platforms like Spotify, acknowledging their benefits but urging artists to diversify their revenue streams. Doorley predicts a shift towards decentralised platforms and fan-powered rights. In terms of revenue generation, he suggests live gigs, vinyl sales, sync licensing, and building a loyal fan base as key strategies for artists.

Doorley highlights up-and-coming artists in Spain, pointing out the country’s role as a launchpad for Latin American talent. He mentions bands like Laguna Goons and Sila Lua, as well as individual artists like Marina Tuset and Cecé. Overall, the article underscores the need for artists to adapt to technological advancements while staying true to their craft and building loyal fan bases.