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Today: Jun 12, 2024

Unleash potent immunity with groundbreaking 3D Vaxlock Technology.

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Article Summary


Calder Biosciences, Inc. has developed the ‘3D Vaxlock’ platform technology that results in an 11X more potent immune response compared to industry standards in preventing RSV infection. The technology stabilizes the prefusion conformation of RSV fusion protein, improving its stability and shelf-life. This breakthrough has significant implications for vaccine development.


Calder Biosciences, Inc. has achieved a major breakthrough in vaccine technology with the introduction of the ‘3D Vaxlock’ platform. The application of this technology to the Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) F protein has resulted in an 11-fold increase in the immune response compared to standard industry practices. This potent immune response is attributed to the generation of antibodies that can neutralize the virus upon contact, thereby preventing infection.

  • The ‘3D Vaxlock’ technology stabilizes the prefusion conformation of the RSV fusion protein by introducing engineered dityrosine crosslinks (DT-preF).
  • Calder’s vaccine not only enhances the stability and shelf-life of the RSV protein but also improves the quality of elicited immune responses, leading to a higher proportion of antibodies capable of neutralizing the virus.

In a press release, Calder’s Scientific Advisory Board member, Florian Schödel, MD, highlighted the importance of developing vaccines that provide robust protection for older adults and newborn children through maternal vaccination. In addition to the RSV program, Calder is exploring the application of its ‘3D Vaxlock’ technology in Universal Influenza and Epstein-Barr virus vaccines.

The publication of this breakthrough in Nature Communications signifies a significant advancement in vaccine development. The implications of Calder’s technology extend beyond RSV to potentially revolutionize vaccine strategies for other infectious diseases.