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Today: Jun 12, 2024

Boost QSR customer convenience with this essential tech for success.

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A new article from Samsung Business Insights states that quick service restaurants (QSRs) are using technology to improve customer convenience and stay ahead of competition from convenience stores. The article highlights several must-have technologies for improving the customer experience at QSRs:

  • QSRs can use digital signage to enhance the customer experience both inside and outside their locations. Outdoor signage can drive traffic to a QSR and promote new menu items and special offers. Inside, QSRs can use high-brightness displays to greet customers and promote new products and offers.
  • With vibrant digital menu boards, QSRs can highlight menu items and promotions, and showcase different menus according to the time of day. Digital menu boards offer flexibility to easily update content and promote limited-time offers.
  • Mobile ordering and self-service kiosks can improve guest satisfaction and provide a seamless experience for customers. These technologies allow customers to take control of their orders, and have been shown to increase spending and satisfy customers.
  • EV chargers can be installed at QSRs to support sustainability initiatives and attract customers. Displays at EV charging stations can be used for advertisements and promotions to drive more traffic inside.

The article emphasizes that technology throughout the QSR environment can help personalize the customer journey and provide an immersive, connected, and elevated consumer experience.