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Today: Jun 12, 2024

AI startup traces deepfake robocall to N.H. primary – Biden

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– A deepfake robocall was made to New Hampshire voters urging them not to vote in the state’s presidential primary.
– The deepfake was created using tools made by AI startup ElevenLabs, which allows users to create voice clones of public figures.

An AI startup called ElevenLabs has been linked to a deepfake robocall that targeted New Hampshire voters during the state’s presidential primary. The call, which urged Democratic voters not to participate in the primary, sounded as though it was from President Biden. Voice-fraud detection company Pindrop Security Inc analyzed the audio and identified ElevenLabs’ technology as the creator of the deepfake. The startup recently raised $80 million in financing, bringing its value to $1.1 billion. ElevenLabs suspended the account of the user responsible for the deepfake and stated that their technology is meant for parody purposes only. The Attorney General of New Hampshire is currently investigating the call, which is believed to be an unlawful attempt to disrupt the election.