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Today: Jun 12, 2024

CarbonPool secures $12m to fuel the carbon credit markets.

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TLDR: CarbonPool, an insurance company that aims to underwrite the carbon credit markets, has raised $12 million in funding. The company offers carbon credit insurance with claims payments made in-kind. Carbon credits are crucial for achieving net-zero emissions goals, and many companies rely on them to meet their targets. CarbonPool’s unique offering provides protection to carbon credit holders and guarantees that the credits live up to their promises. The funding round was led by Heartcore Capital and Vorwerk Ventures and included former members of the management board of Allianz. CarbonPool is in the process of securing an insurance license in Switzerland and already offers assessments and pre-underwriting agreements to clients.

CarbonPool, the world’s first insurance company with a carbon credit balance sheet, has closed a $12 million funding round. The company aims to accelerate investment in carbon credits, which are crucial to achieving net zero, by providing carbon credit insurance with claims payments made in-kind. Many companies depend on carbon credits to reach their net zero goals, but credit integrity and proper risk underwriting are critical to reassure investors and regulators. CarbonPool’s unique offering gives purchasers certainty and ensures that they can meet their net zero goals.