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Today: Jun 12, 2024

OPES Solar Mobility: Germany’s hub for automotive solar revolution

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A new solar factory for automotive solar technology is set to be built in Germany. OPES Solar Mobility, a joint venture between OPES Solutions and a strategic investor from Germany, has chosen the town of Zwenkau as its location. The new factory will produce solar technology for vehicles such as trucks, motor homes, and buses on over 12,000 square meters of space. Production is set to begin by the end of 2024, and the plant will have the capacity to equip several hundred thousand vehicles per year with photovoltaic modules designed specifically for this purpose. The factory will focus on solar modules for commercial vehicles and camper vans.

The choice of Zwenkau as the location for the factory was made after a careful analysis of several potential sites. Factors that contributed to the decision included proximity to research institutions and clients, suitable location, excellent transport infrastructure, and connections, as well as proximity to European customers of OPES Solar Mobility. The company highlighted the importance of supply chain security, noting that production outside the EU would pose significantly higher risks for vehicle manufacturers.

The technology used by OPES Solar Mobility enables the production of lightweight and flexible solar panels that can withstand high temperatures, impacts, vibrations, and high-pressure cleaning. The company holds multiple patents related to production processes and module designs. The innovative production equipment and patents stem from extensive production experience gained at the company’s OPES Solutions plant in China. The solar panels produced at the German factory will have an output of 95W to more than 500W, with high area efficiency and a low weight of 2.9 kg per square meter.