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Today: Jun 12, 2024

GM’s Super Cruise: Now covering 750K miles, no hands needed

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  • General Motors’ Super Cruise hands-free driver assistance technology has been implemented on 750,000 miles of road between the United States and Canada on their highways and interstates.
  • The technology was first introduced in 2017, and GM has been working to perfect it.
  • Super Cruise allows for automatic lane changes and will alert the driver if they are not paying attention.

General Motors has expanded its Super Cruise hands-free driver assistance technology to cover 750,000 miles of road between the United States and Canada. This technology allows drivers to go completely hands-free on certain highways and interstates. The feature can be activated in 15 different GM vehicles and was first introduced in 2017. Since then, GM has been working on perfecting the technology.

During a test drive in Detroit, CBS News Detroit was able to experience the Super Cruise technology firsthand. The test drive showcased features such as automatic lane changes and what happens if the driver stops paying attention. Aimee Ridella, from GM’s communications team, explained that although some people may be hesitant to try the hands-free driver assistance system, once they give it a try, they are usually hooked. However, drivers still need to pay attention to the road and look ahead, as the system will alert them if they are not paying attention. The steering wheel light will blink, and the driver seat will vibrate if the system detects a lack of attention. If the driver continues to not pay attention, the car will turn on its hazards, slow down, and contact OnStar.

This expansion of Super Cruise technology is a significant step for General Motors and highlights their commitment to developing and implementing advanced driver assistance systems. By allowing for hands-free driving on a large number of roads, General Motors is making strides in the autonomous driving space and improving the overall driving experience.