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Today: Jun 12, 2024

Brooklyn’s flourishing green innovation.

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– A start-up in Brooklyn is developing an ammonia-to-power technology to decarbonize international shipping

– The technology will be showcased in a tugboat in 2024, demonstrating zero-emissions marine operations

In a bid to tackle the growing issue of greenhouse gas emissions in the shipping industry, a Brooklyn-based start-up, Amogy, is pioneering an ammonia-to-power solution. Dr. Seonghoon Woo, the CEO of Amogy, emphasizes the importance of addressing the increasing GHG emissions from international shipping, which currently accounts for about 3% and could rise to 10% by 2050 without intervention. Ammonia, a carbon-free molecule, is seen as a promising solution due to its high energy density, ease of transport, and affordability.

Amogy’s technology combines a proton exchange membrane fuel cell with reforming technology to convert ammonia to hydrogen for electricity production. This innovative approach has already powered various vehicles, including a tractor and a semi truck. The next step for Amogy is to retrofit a tugboat with their zero-emissions system, with a demonstration planned for 2024 in New York. Partners like Yara, DNV, and Lloyd’s Register are involved in the project, which aims to reach technology readiness level 7-8 for widespread implementation.

The potential of ammonia as a marine fuel is gaining traction in the industry, with experts like Dr. Woo advocating for its long-term use to drive decarbonization efforts in global shipping. As the sector seeks sustainable alternatives to traditional fuels, ammonia-to-power technology could be a game-changer in achieving zero-emissions marine operations.