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Today: Jun 12, 2024

rSIM: Enhancing mobile connectivity for IoT devices.

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1. The new rSIM technology aims to improve mobile connectivity for IoT devices.

2. It offers resilience by automatically switching between mobile operator profiles during disruptions.

A new intelligent SIM card technology, known as rSIM (Resilient SIM), has been introduced to enhance network connectivity for IoT devices in partnership with global operators Deutsche Telekom IoT and Tele2 IoT. The rSIM technology allows two independent mobile operator profiles to be stored on a single SIM card, effectively upgrading Single SIM devices to Dual SIM. By switching to a backup mobile operator profile in the event of network disruptions, rSIM reduces the risk of disconnection, providing uninterrupted internet access for IoT devices. The technology is managed through a Connectivity Management Platform, enabling customers to monitor real-time connection tests from every SIM regardless of the connected mobile operator profile.

The introduction of rSIM comes as a response to network outages and the need for improved resilience in mobile connectivity as Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) upgrade their networks. The rSIM technology offers a potential solution to mitigate critical connectivity outages and disruptions, representing advancement in mobile connectivity for IoT devices.