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Today: Jun 12, 2024

Technology bridges financial and marketing leaders for effortless communication.

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  • Technology has eased conversations between finance and marketing chiefs, uniting them towards common goals.
  • Finance chief Siew Kim and marketing chief Bee Leng at Ascott have built a working partnership based on trust and innovation.

Technology has transformed hospitality in the past decade, making conversations easier between finance and marketing chiefs. Beh Siew Kim, the CFO of CapitaLand/Ascott, and Tan Bee Leng, the CCO of The Ascott Limited, have utilized digital marketing and AI to align their goals and drive brand building and innovation. Siew Kim emphasizes the importance of returns on investment and accountability, while Bee Leng focuses on the trackable and measurable results of digital marketing. The duo’s partnership has led to successful brand marketing ideas and digital experiments, such as the Cubby web chatbot that has evolved into a booking tool. They are also exploring new revenue streams, such as virtual influencer Rae, and are working on increasing direct bookings through their brand website. Additionally, sustainability is a key focus for Siew Kim, with a target to achieve 100% green building certification for all owned properties by 2030.