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Today: Jun 12, 2024

Major broadcaster embraces Datapath technology for top-notch performance.

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  • Datapath technology, in collaboration with Densitron, is being used at ITV News to manage video sources efficiently.
  • The system allows for automated switching of video sources and crisis management in the newsroom.

In the article “Datapath technology distributes video sources at ITV News,” Datapath’s video processing technology is showcased for its efficient distribution of video sources at ITV News headquarters. The major broadcaster utilizes a VSN1172 processor alongside Densitron’s IDS platform to manage the multitude of video sources being fed into the newsroom throughout the day. With three news broadcasts a day, ITV News requires reliable technology to handle external broadcasts, holding messages, televised feeds, and in-house content.

Working in collaboration with Densitron, ITN’s technical director, Lee Sanders, has designed a multi-purpose system that serves various functions. This system, powered by Datapath and Densitron, facilitates automated switching of video walls in the newsroom and manual control when needed. The IDS platform allows users to control multiple connected devices through an intuitive interface, seamlessly integrating with Datapath’s VSN1172 processor for effective content distribution.

In addition to automated source switching, Sanders has created a crisis controller that enables manual switching of video wall content to pre-programmed layouts in case of emergencies. The Datapath VSN1172 processor, featuring capture cards, graphics cards, and IP decode cards, works in harmony with Densitron’s IDS Control platform to send content to video walls in the newsroom.

Matt Tibbitt, Datapath product manager, expresses pride in seeing their technology used effectively at ITV News, emphasizing the importance of innovative video processing solutions in critical operations such as news broadcasting.