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Today: Jun 12, 2024

Revolutionary tech detects human emotions in real-time on wearables.

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  • Researchers at UNIST have developed the world’s first real-time wearable human emotion recognition technology.
  • The technology, called the PSiFI system, combines verbal and non-verbal expression data for accurate emotion recognition.

A technology that can recognize human emotions in real time has been developed by Professor Jiyun Kim and his research team at UNIST. The system, called the personalized skin-integrated facial interface (PSiFI), utilizes a bidirectional triboelectric strain and vibration sensor to combine verbal and non-verbal expression data for comprehensive emotional information. The PSiFI system is self-powered, facile, stretchable, and transparent, allowing for real-time emotion recognition without the need for external power sources or complex measuring devices. The technology has been successfully applied in a virtual reality environment, showcasing its potential for revolutionizing various industries through emotion-based services.

The system’s ability to accurately detect human emotions in real-time, even when individuals are wearing masks, highlights its potential for widespread adoption in wearable systems and digital concierge applications. By leveraging machine learning algorithms, the PSiFI system demonstrates high emotional recognition accuracy with minimal training, opening up possibilities for portable emotion recognition devices and personalized digital platform services. Overall, this groundbreaking technology paves the way for next-generation wearable systems that can effectively interact with humans based on their emotional cues.