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Today: Jun 12, 2024

Explore your future at Eastern Westmoreland Career and Tech Center

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  • Eastern Westmoreland Career and Technology Center is hosting an open house for prospective students from Derry Area, Greater Latrobe, and Ligonier Valley school districts.
  • The center offers a variety of career-oriented programs in areas such as arts, automotive, construction, health services, and more, with opportunities for college credits and industry certifications.

The Eastern Westmoreland Career and Technology Center is inviting students from the Derry Area, Greater Latrobe, and Ligonier Valley school districts to attend an open house to learn more about the career-oriented programs offered at the center. The open house will provide students in grades 8-11, along with their parents or guardians, the opportunity to meet instructors and tour the center’s lab areas. With an average attendance of about 500 students annually, the center offers over a dozen programs in various career areas, including arts and communications, automotive, construction, engineering and manufacturing, health and human services, and information technology. A service occupations program was recently introduced, preparing students for positions such as food preparation helper, landscaping and groundskeeping worker, or stock and sales floor clerk.

Students attending EWCTC have the chance to earn college credits through articulation agreements with post-secondary institutions and obtain nationally recognized industry certifications. Follow-up studies by EWCTC officials have shown that over 95% of program completers are either employed, in college, or enlisted in the military nine months after high school graduation. With recent renovation work completed, supported by the three districts, the facility has been updated to offer students a modern learning environment.

Overall, the Eastern Westmoreland Career and Technology Center provides valuable opportunities for students to explore career pathways, gain hands-on experience, and develop skills that will lead to success in their future endeavors.