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Today: Jun 12, 2024

Revolutionizing pharmacy with cutting-edge tech advancements.

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– The pharmacy landscape has changed significantly due to advancements in technology.

– Pacience Edwards, PharmD, discussed the impacts of technology at the Outcomes 2024 SYNC National Conference.

During a session at the Outcomes 2024 SYNC National Conference, Pacience Edwards, PharmD, manager of compliance at Outcomes, highlighted the transformation that technology has brought to the pharmacy landscape. From telehealth to online prescription services, pharmacists now have a range of tools at their disposal, leading to improved workflows. However, navigating this evolving environment can be challenging. Edwards emphasized the importance of adapting to these changes and leveraging technology effectively to enhance patient care.

She discussed the evolution of pharmacy tools and the various impacts technology has had on the profession. By embracing technological solutions, pharmacies can streamline workflows, improve patient outcomes, and stay ahead in the dynamic healthcare landscape. Overall, the session shed light on the crucial role technology plays in shaping the future of pharmacy practice.